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Over-the-counter / drug store

Buying medicine in a foreign country can be intimidating at best, downright scary at worst. We’ve got a comprehensive list of the most common over-the-counter drugs you can buy at any drug store in Japan, complete with pictures, ingredients, and instructions all in English.

Use our website at the store to help you locate what you’re looking for, or show a shop clerk the picture so they can find it for you. Most of these products can even be bought on Amazon Japan to make it even easier for you.

Med+ (Medplus)

New service released at May 14th, 2019

Med+ is an answer to a call we experienced while operating our main site, Life Abroad. Through our analytics, we were able to see that the majority of visitors to our site came in search of medical information.

Med+ is an interactive source of information regarding over-the-counter medications available in Japan, with a social media aspect that allows users to recommend certain medicines to others through the use of comments, likes, Facebook, and Twitter.

Our goal with Med+ is to get more reliable information out to those who need it, and allow our users to communicate with each other regarding their own experiences with different medicines.

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