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Support Areas

We provide support in the following categories.

Health & Medical

The Health and Medical section covers a variety of important topics and provides essential resources, such as the structure of the Japanese healthcare system, downloadable bilingual patient intake forms, and popular over-the-counter medications, complete with dosage, instructions, and ingredients in English

Personal Care

The Personal Care section covers the products that people use every day. It can be hard to navigate things such as shampoo, toothpaste, or menstrual products when you’re unfamiliar with the brands or language the packaging is written in.
There is a comprehensive list of popular items in each category, complete with picture, description, and intended use.

Daily life

The Daily Life section covers the aspects of every-day life that may take some guidance. You can learn everything from how to use a laundromat or your own washing machine, to where you can buy home goods, to what services the Japan Postal Service offers.

Our History

  • April 2007

    CEO came to Japan

    CEO came to Japan during college to study Japanese for one year. She faced many hardships while she lived here. She wanted to find a way to solve those problems for others in the future.

  • July 2011

    CEO came back to Japan

    CEO returned to Japan to work. This time it was easier to live but there were many important things which had no English support. She began to think about how she could help foreign people living in Japan have a more comfortable life.

  • November 2012

    CEO met Vice President at a work convention

    Vice President lived in Canada for one year and experienced many inconveniences in daily life. He sympathized with foreigners living in Japan and shared in the CEO's passion for helping others.

  • Feb 2017

    Decision to establish the organization

    We finally decided to establish Life Abroad using our combined knowledge and experience. Our goal is to help foreign residents of Japan live more comfortably and confidently.

  • Looking
    the future

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